Impression Materials

Product Introduction

Tayca boasts a string of impressive achievements in specialty chemical research and development.
Tayca has established a made-to-order production system that responds to the diverse needs of today's industrial users.

  • Paints・Ink
  • Plastics
  • Paper・Others
  • Shampoo
  • Powdered/Liquid detergent for garments
  • Kitchen detergent
  • Industrial/Others
  • Chemicals
  • Electrophotographic material・Paints・Ink・Plastic・Ceramics・Rubber・Fiber
  • Paints・Ink・Plastic・Ceramics・Rubber・Fiber
  • Pollution-free rust preventive pigment
  • Hardener・Refractory binder
  • Adsorbent
  • Ultrasonic oscillator

Research and development

Tayca group develops the impression materials which have the point of views of a customer.

Investor Relations

Tayca group responds to rapidly changing environments with speed, accuracy and flexibility and tries for more corporate value improvement.



Tayca group regards environment, society, all of the governance as an important problem and works for various activities.