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Research and development

Our R&D policy is to use chemical technology based on "respect for humanity and mutual trust" to create, pursue and provide "safe, high quality, multi-functional" technology and contribute widely to society.

The company's R&D system is centered on bases in Osaka and Okayama. At our Osaka Research Laboratory, we use unique sulfonation technology to work on the development of a large variety of products while also trying to strengthen themed R&D. At our Okayama Research Laboratory, we aim for innovation in structural design, particle size control and dispersion technology based on our accumulated core technologies related to inorganic material synthesis to work on R&D combining standards in next-generation environmental/energy materials, optical materials and electronic materials.

In addition, we are also striving towards the creation of new products and new technologies rich in originality based on efforts aimed at the fusion or combination of the core technologies of both research laboratories and technologies from different industries as well as the promotion of proactive technological cooperation between industry and academia.

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Inorganic material related technology
Okayama Research Laboratory
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Organic material related technology
Osaka Research Laboratory
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