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Product Introduction

Surface treatment business

Tayca's surface treatment products are functional added-value powders made by coating inorganic powders such as micro titanium dioxide and silica with various organic compounds. These products serve in a wide range of applications, including use as cosmetics filler, recording material additives, and special resin filler.

Demand for functional micro powders has grown in recent years and Tayca has received a number of requests for surface modifiers that meet specific requirements. In response, we have set up a special group dedicated to researching surface modification with micro powders based on our titanium dioxide micro-particle coating technology and surface control technology with surfactants.

Because different customer applications call for different particle materials, coating materials and surface properties, Tayca provides surface treatment prototype samples designed for an individual customer's specific needs. After the customer evaluates a sample, we develop a finished product that meets their exact requirements.

This approach has helped us bring a wide variety of surface treatment powders to the market.

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