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Product Introduction

Micro titanium dioxide

The MT Series Micro Titanium Dioxides are an exciting development attracting a great deal of attention as ingredients for cosmetics providing Protection to the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays which can cause such problems as sunburn and agein.

These innovative products have been developed through a high level of micronizing and surface-coating technology which TAYCA, a leading producer of titanium dioxide pigment in Japan, attained as a result of its R&D over many years. The particle size of TAYCA's MT Series Micro Titanium Dioxides ranges from 10 to 50 nm in diameter-far smaller than those of conventional titanium dioxide which have been commonly used for pigments.

With such fine particles, the MT Series possess numerous Unprecedented features and functions in ultraviolet ray screening, visible light transmission,and safety. TAYCA's MT Series are indeed completely new forms of titanium dioxide,Offering limitless possibilities for use as important ingredients in sun care cosmetics.

Newe Product Information

Newly developed "Aluminum free type micro titanium dioxide"PDF download (PDF:739KB)
Announcement concerning micro titanium dioxide for drug products
Tayca underwent and passed an FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) GMP inspection in regard to the manufacture of micro titanium dioxide MT-100TV, in August 2009.
As a result, we are able to provide micro titanium dioxide MT-100TV (GMP) for usage of drug products. MT-100TV (GMP) is manufactured under the observance of CGMP (the standard manufacturing and quality control for drug products in the USA)
Newly developed
"Hybrid micro titanium dioxide"PDF download (PDF:138KB)

"Polymer processed micro titanium dioxide dispersant"PDF download (PDF:234KB)
Newly developed "Micromarimo"PDF download (PDF:490KB)

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