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Product Introduction

Tayca boasts a string of impressive achievements in specialty chemical research and development. With such products as our K series phosphates, MT series micro titanium dioxides, and photocatalytic titanium dioxides, Tayca has created valuable new industrial products that offer unique features and improved performance. Our surface treatment products incorporate our superior micro-particle coating technology and surface control technology with surfactants.

Tayca has established a made-to-order production system that responds to the diverse needs of today's industrial users.

Newe Product Information

Regarding the Facility Expansion for Functional Fine Particle ProductsPDF download (PDF:30KB)
Notice Concerning the Acquisition of Shares (Ownership) of TRS Technologies, Inc.PDF download (PDF:34KB)
We’ll exhibit "K-White series"(Anti-corrosive pigment) and Titanium dioxide for shielding from infrared rays "JR-1000" at European Coating Show on March 19 – 21,2013 at Nurnberg, Germany. We look forward to your visit at our booth No. 7A-106.
Newly developed "Aluminum free type micro titanium dioxide"PDF download (PDF:739KB)
Announcement concerning micro titanium dioxide for drug products
Tayca underwent and passed an FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) GMP inspection in regard to the manufacture of micro titanium dioxide MT-100TV, in August 2009.
As a result, we are able to provide micro titanium dioxide MT-100TV (GMP) for usage of drug products. MT-100TV (GMP) is manufactured under the observance of CGMP (the standard manufacturing and quality control for drug products in the USA)
Technical data on the screening effects of titanium dioxide for shielding from infrared rays.
Moss greenPDF download (PDF:82KB)
Deep bluePDF download (PDF:80KB)
GoldPDF download (PDF:98KB)
Dark grayPDF download (PDF:79KB)
Two-coatPDF download (PDF:90KB)
Newly developed a new environmentally-friendly anti-corrosive pigment (K-White)
[Exhibited at the American Coating Show 2010 (ACS)]
Zinc-free anti-corrosive pigment for water-borne resin systemsPDF download (PDF:324KB)
Anti-corrosive pigment for non-ferrous metals / Coil coating systemsPDF download (PDF:88KB)
Anti-corrosive pigment for zinc galvanized steel / Coil coating systemsPDF download (PDF:87KB)
Newly developed "High Transparent Photo-catalytic Sol HTPS-01",introduced at 2009 Global Market For Photocatalysis,japanPDF download (PDF:55KB)
Newly developed
"Hybrid micro titanium dioxide"PDF download (PDF:138KB)

"Polymer processed micro titanium dioxide dispersant"PDF download (PDF:234KB)
Newly developed "Micromarimo"PDF download (PDF:490KB)