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Product Introduction

Electroconductive polymer oxidation polymerization agents

Electroconductive polymers, which have become widely and generally known due to the Nobel Prize received by Dr Hideki Shirakawa, have the quality of conducting electricity by doping.

Doped electroconductive polymers have electroconductivity equivalent to metal materials, but their characteristics differ greatly depending on factors such as the state of formation of the electroconductive polymer, the doping level and the type of dopant.

The company focused on this technology at an early stage and by fusion with the sulfonation technology unique to the company, arrived at the development of conductive polymers and related products accommodating various requested characteristics.

The use of these conductive polymers and related products is expected in IT related applications, where the pace of development is striking. In particular, a great leap forward is expected in electroconductive polymer-type electrolytic capacitor applications, such as aluminum capacitors and tantalum capacitors.


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