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Conditions of use
This website (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) is managed by Tayca Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). Please use this site after agreeing with the following conditions. Please understand that this site policy may be changed without notice.
Copyrights, trademark rights
The copyrights to the written work published on this site belong to the Company or else written work is published after the Company has obtained a license for use from a third party. Acts such as the complete or partial reproduction, diversion or sale, etc, of the content published on this site without the prior consent of the Company or the copyright holder are prohibited.
The Company pays as much attention as possible when publishing information on this site, but provides absolutely no guarantees in regard to the completion, accuracy or novelty of such information. In addition, the Company may change this site or interrupt or discontinue its operation without notice.
Moreover, the Company shall bear absolutely no responsibility in regard to damage incurred due to the use of this site.
This site may include links to other websites for the convenience of the user, but the Company shall bear absolutely no responsibility in regard to damage incurred due to the contents of or because of the use of such websites.
If you wish to establish a link to this site, please contact us in advance using the “Inquiries Form,” including your name, telephone number, e-mail address, the URL of the website that will include the link, and the starting date of the link. However, we shall not accept links from websites that are offensive to public order and morals, websites that include libelous information or websites that we have judged may harm the business or trust of the Company.
If you set up a link to this site, please link it to our top page address (http://www.tayca.co.jp/) as we may change or delete the URLs of various other pages without notice. The Company shall bear absolutely no responsibility in regard to a website including a link to this site.
Operating environment
We recommend the use of “InternetExplorer6.0” and ”Firefox3.0” and later versions of these browsers for use with this site.
In addition, some of the content on this site requires “FlashPlayer” or “AdobeReader.”
Applicable laws and court of jurisdiction
Unless otherwise provided for, the use of this site and interpretation of the conditions of use shall be determined in accordance with the laws of Japan.
In addition, unless otherwise provided for, the Osaka District Court shall be the first court of exclusive jurisdiction in regard to all disputes concerning this site.