HOMEEfforts towards the environment

Efforts towards the environment

As a member of the Responsible Care Council, Tayca Corporation conducts activities with utmost concern for the environment, safety, and human wellbeing, based on the principles of self-determination and self-responsibility.

The company has earned ISO 14001 certification, evidence of an environmental management system that meets the highest international standards. We continually update our environmental preservation policies and objectives, and maintain complete records of our operations.

“Responsible care” refers to the activities by which we improve the results of product stewardship, ensure the “environment, safety and health,” disclose the outcomes of our business activities and hold dialogue with and communicate with society across the entire product lifecycle, from the development of chemical substances to their manufacture, distribution, use, final consumption and disposal.

Japan Responsible Care Committee

Basic policy

To recognize the social responsibility for preserving the environment and ensuring human safety in all business activities, and to strive to work in harmony with the global environment.

Outline of activities

Every year Tayca conducts an ISO 14001 environmental audit following guidelines specified in Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, and conducts a responsible care audit.