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Tayca Group Code of Conduct

Tayca Group Code of Conduct

We, members of the Tayca Group companies, will comply with the following eight provisions of the "Code of Conduct", and endeavor to fulfill our management principle.

1. Compliance with Laws and In-house Rules
  • In performance of our duties, we will comply with any and all applicable laws and ordinances, as well as in-house rules and regulations.
  • We will fully recognize social ethics, and act with good judgment and a sense of responsibility as a member of society.
2. Contributions to Society
  • We will respect local history, culture and customs, and promote social activities to contribute to the development thereof.
  • As a member of a local community, we will actively foster communication with the local community, and fulfill the role of a corporate citizen.
3. Protection of the Global Environment
  • We will endeavor to protect the environment in accordance with laws and ordinances pertaining to the environment, and take a planet friendly approach to our corporate activities.
  • We will actively promote energy savings, resource savings and recycling, and endeavor to promote the efficient use of resources and energy, and the reduction of waste.
4. Thoroughness of Corporate Ethics
  • We will perform all business transactions according to the principle of fair, transparent and free competition.
  • We will take a firm attitude against antisocial forces and organizations.
  • We will maintain healthy relations with individuals and organizations concerning political and administrative activities.
5. Respect of Employees' Human Rights
  • We will respect individual ability and personality of our employees regardless of their nationality and gender, and behave in good faith and in a fair manner.
  • We will endeavor to create a safe, clean and healthy working environment that allows employees to work comfortably.
6. Safety Concerning Products
  • In each phase of development, design and manufacture of products, we will always pay attention to safety, and aim at providing high-quality, highly safe products.
  • In case of any accident regarding the products provided by us, we will promptly and adequately handle the situation with the safety of consumers and customers as the foremost priority.
7. Strict Management of Corporate Assets and Information
  • We will ensure the internal management of the confidential information, intellectual property rights and any other tangible as well as intangible assets of the Corporation. In addition, we will handle personal information with due care to prevent the use of such personal information for purposes other than originally intended, or the loss, leakage and the like thereof.
  • We will also respect and properly handle any confidential information, intellectual property rights and personal information of other corporations.
  • After retirement from the Corporation, we will observe and fulfill our confidential obligations concerning the confidential information obtained during our tenure of office.
8. Fair Disclosure of Corporate Information, etc.
  • We will apply proper accounting treatment in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances, and endeavor to rapidly and adequately disclose corporate information.

Upon occurrence of any event in breach of the abovementioned provisions of the Code of Conduct, the top management will show his intention internally and to the public to voluntarily work to solve the problem, endeavor to identify the cause of the problem, and prevent recurrence of the trouble. Further, the top management will rapidly and adequately disclose information to the public, fulfill accountability about the trouble, clarify his powers and responsibilities, and take strict and proper actions against the persons concerned including himself.