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December 1919
Teikoku Synthetic Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. was founded for the production of superphosphate fertilizers.
November 1920
Osaka Factory was built for the production of superphosphate fertilizers and lead-chamber sulfuric acid.
October 1938
Equipment was installed in Osaka factory to produce sulfuric acid by the Lurgi Contact Process, and production of dilute sulfuric acid began.
June 1939
Production of fluorides, mainly artificial cryolite, began at Osaka Factory.
March 1942
Okayama Factory was built for the production of fluorides.
April 1942
Company was renamed Teikoku Kako Co.,Ltd.
June 1944
A plant in Owada, where sulfuric acid was produced by the Monsanto Contact Process, was acquired.
August 1945
Production of fluorides at Osaka and Okayama Factories discontinued.
April 1951
Production of titanium dioxide at Okayama Factory began.
June 1961
Production of surfactants at Osaka Factory began.
July 1965
Production of superphosphate fertilizers discontinued.
April 1967
A warehousing business (Funamachi Warehousing) started in the Osaka Factory premises.
April 1969
Hyakushima Warehouse, now parts of Tayca Warehousing Co.,Ltd., was built in the Owada Factory premises, where a warehousing business started.
November 1969
In order to join the Western Japan Sulfuric Acid Center of Dowa Mining Co.,Ltd., Owada Factory discontinued its operation.
June 1973
To integrate warehousing operations, Tayca Warehousing Co.,Ltd., wholly owned by the company, was established.
October 1981
Production of condensed phosphates (K-White, K-Bond and K-Fresh) at Osaka Factory began.
June 1984
Tayca Trading Co.,Ltd., wholly owned by the company, was established with the principal objective of selling chemicals.
August 1989
Company was renamed Tayca Corporation, marking the 70th anniversary of its foundation.
February 1994
Obtains ISO9002 certification for the production of phosphoric acid (Osaka Factory), titanium dioxide products (Okayama Factory) and related products.
January 1996
In stride with advances in the surface treatment field, Tayca opened its Osafune, Okayama Factory and production commenced.
April 1997
Tayca's development division became a separate entity, and TFT Corporation was established to manufacture and sell electro-ceramic products.
August 2000
Acquires ISO14001 certification at Osaka Factory and Okayama Factory.
October 2001
TAYCA(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. was established in Chonburi, Thailand to manufacture surfactants.
September 2006
To expand a surface treatment business, Tayca opened its Kumayama Factory and production commenced.
February 2014
TAYCA(VIETNAM)CO.,LTD. was established in Dong Nai, Vietnam to manufacture surfactants.
April 2017
Established JAPAN SERICITE CORPORATION for the principal objective of selling sericite products , a joint venture with SANSHIN MINING IND.CO.,LTD.
January 2018
TRS Technologies,Inc.became a subsidiary in order to expand the piezoelectric materials business.